Employees of Lite-Trol

    - have over 35 years of combined experience
    in the Service and Maintenance Industries.
    - have over 30 years of combined experience
    in the Electronics and Lighting Control Industries.                      
    - have over 45 years of combined experience
    in the Lighting Control and Electrical Industries.


Lite-Trol Service Company, Incorporated was established in the late 1950's as a direct result of the change in technology taking place in the lighting industry. During that period, many of the newer systems were electronic in nature, as opposed to the older mechanical, transformer, or resistor based systems. Gene Rudolph, an active member of Local 1, founded Lite-Trol, as he felt there was a definite need for skilled, qualified personnel to support these new "high-tech" systems.

Lite-Trol flourished, and developed solid working relationships with all the major (and not so major) manufacturers of lighting control equipment. Many of these manufacturers found that rather than sending one of their field service personnel to every job, they would contract with us to provide on-site service. Obviously, we gained a good deal of experience with all types of systems, in all types of applications.

During the 1960's, Gene found that many facilities were looking for regular, scheduled maintenance, and so the "Annual Contract" was born. We now have many, many Annual Contracts throughout the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean. Many of these contracts are with educational facilities, although many others are for architectural, theatrical, and television dimming applications.

Through the 1960's and 70's our work carried us far and wide, performing service, turning on new systems, integrating different manufacturers equipment, and providing regular scheduled maintenance. This was the groundwork for the 1980's, which introduced the microprocessor to our industry, which as with any new technology, brought it's own integration and application problems and resolutions.

One of the largest issues during the 1980's was that every manufacturer decided what data signal was best for them, without any regard towards inter-communication between different "flavors" of equipment.

Obviously, as we support a wide variety of dimming and control equipment, we remain fairly consistently busy, but our dedication is treat our clients (and their equipment), as we would like to be treated. We service Kliegl, D912, ENR, Berkey Colortran, Colortran, and Skirpan, and more.

Our customers from all over the country are constantly sending in their dimmer modules, trigger cards, consoles, etc. for repair. For emergency service if notified beforehand, we can repair the part and get it back to you the same day it comes in.

MAY WE HELP YOU? Check the Manufacturers List for your type of equipment. Chances are we repaired one just like yours!!